Faculty of Medicine

Aim; to produce ceative medial care personnel and life scientists who place high value on the importance of life

Faculty of Medicine

Tottori University' s Faculty of Medicine is located in the San-in District where a comparatively rapid decline in the birth rate and the aging of the population is occurring.Utilizing this regional feature, we provide education about theories of public health,medicine, welfare and life sciences suitable for the 21st century, and teach the skills to implement them. In the process of education,we produce human resources who place high value on the preciousness of life and who have boundless human love, independent character and creative abilities, and who can contribute to the global society as well as regional society.

Department Division
Medicine Functional, Morphological and Regulatory Science Microbiology and Pathology
Microbiology Social Medicine
Pathophysiological and Therapeutic Science Multidisciplinary Internal Medicine
Surgery Medicine of Sensory and Motor Organs
Brain and Neurosciences Regional Medicine
Life Science Molecular and Cellular Biology Biom edical Sciences
Health Science Major in Nursing Structure of Regional Culture
Fundamental Nursing Adult and Elderly Nursing
Women's and Children's Family Nursing Nursing Care Environment and Mental Health
Major in Clinical Laboratory Science  
Biological Regulation Pathobiological Science and Technology

Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Medicine

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