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Ambassador of Jamaica in Japan pays courtesy call to the President of Tottori University

Left: President Teshima       Right: H.E. Allicock

 On 9 November 2016, His Excellency Clement Philip Ricardo ALLICOCK, the Ambassador of Jamaica in Japan, paid a courtesy call to President Teshima, Tottori University.

 President Teshima touched on the fact that interaction between Jamaica and Tottori Prefecture is thriving and gave a greeting saying, "It is my hope that the exchange between Tottori University and Jamaica will deepen and result in the conclusion of an academic exchange agreement." Ambassador Allicock responded, "Jamaica also has one of the campuses of the University of the West Indies, which extends to 17 countries and regions of the West Indies. It is my hope that we can have academic exchanges with Tottori University in the future."

 This marks the sixth visit by Ambassador Allicock to Tottori; following a meeting with President Teshima, he gave the 11th Summit Lecture entitled "Let’s get to know Developing and Emerging Nations!"

Commemorative Photo

Closing Ceremony for the JICA Group Training Course on “Appropriate Management of Land and Water Resources for Sustainable Agriculture in Arid & Semi-Arid Regions”

Trainees awarded a certificate of completion from President Teshima

 On 8 November 2016, the 2016 Closing Ceremony for the JICA Group Training Course was held in Tottori University, and President Teshima awarded a certificate of completion to each of the 10 trainees from Africa and the Middle East who finished training in Japan, which lasted approximately three and a half months.

 In the ceremony, staff members of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Chugoku International Center and training staff, including the faculty members in charge of training at our university, gathered and celebrated those who completed the training.

 This training has been continuing since 1989 and it is a distinctive course that utilizes results of research concerning arid & semi-arid regions, which is strength of our university. Basic training in Japan was performed for a period of approximately three and a half months from August in our university, and subsequent international supplementary training at the National Water Research Center in Egypt, which has concluded an academic exchange agreement with the University, is conducted for approximately one month.

 During the closing ceremony that concluded training in Japan, President Teshima remarked, "We are very pleased that all the participants have completed training in Japan. Please deepen the knowledge that you have obtained through this training in Japan during your international supplementary training in Egypt and disseminate your knowledge and experience in your home countries." Mr. Shuichi IKEDA, Director General of JICA Chugoku International Center gave his congratulatory address as follows: "Congratulations for completing training in Japan. I would like to send my praise for the efforts of everyone for this period of approximately three and a half months. Following the subsequent supplementary international training, it is my hope that you will be active in your home countries and achieve success."

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