Conducted an emergency drill in Tottori Campus

Conducted an emergency drill in Tottori Campus


 On November 21, 2013, Tottori University held an emergency drill in Tottori Campus. This aimed at raising the consciousness of disaster prevention including fire prevention among the university students as well as the faculties and staff members and checking the functions of the control center, reporting line and initial response in case of a disaster. It also intended to trash out the points at the disaster prevention schemes by the way of actual trainings such as fire extinction, evacuation guidance and safeguarding.

 Participants engaged in a drill in a group like reporting team, initial fire extinction team and emergency relief activity team based on the university’s disaster prevention plan. They had the trainings for disaster damage tracking, saving of the wounded people, rescue of the people trapped in an elevator and fire extinction.

Information gathering at the disaster control center

Evacuation training by using a ladder track

Explanation on how to use a fire distinguisher

Fire extinction exercise


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