Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering

Faculty of EngineeringWith the advancement of science and technology, engineers and researchers who have highly knowledgeable are necessary.
Therefore, Tottori University has determined its concept" the fusion of knowledge and practice" and aims to produce human resources who have deep specialized knowledge as well as culture, an ability to uncover and solve problems, and the ability to put this knowledge to practical use. As the Faculty of Engineering is an education and research organization that has eight Departments, covering a wide range of fields, from manufacturing, and environmental sciences to software, applicants can find suitable fields of study.
We add high value to our students with our engineering education system, for which we have received high evaluation from the National Institution for Academic Degrees, and send them into the real world. We also contribute toward world peace and the advancement of welfare through the advanced research that we promote in response to the needs of the present age.


Mechanical Engineering Information and Knowledge Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Materials Science
Biotechnology Civil Engineering
Social Systems Engineering Applied Mathematics and Physics




Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Applied Mathematics and Physics
Master's Program,
Doctoral Program
Information and Electronics Information and Knowledge Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Chemistry and Biotechnology Applied Chemistry
Management of Social Systems and Civil Engineering Civil Engineering
Management of Social Systems

Faculty of Engineering         Faculty of Engineering