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The team of Tottori University and the engineers from TOSHIBA was selected as a finalist of the Amazon Robotics Challenge

Prof. IWAI of Graduate School of Engineering (upper right), Assoc. Prof. NISHIYAMA (upper left) and the students of the laboratory attending the contest

 In the international robot contest, “the Amazon Robotics Challenge 2017”, hosted by Amazon Robotics LLC, “Team T2” consisting of Tottori University and the engineers from TOSHIBA was selected as a finalist of the contest.

 The third “Amazon Robotics Challenge”, which is held in Japan for the first time, will be held at the venue of “RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan” from July 27th to 30th, 2017. Sixteen teams from all over the world such as Australia, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Netherland, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan and U.S. will participate, and show and compete in the performance of their newest robot hardware and software with which they take out and store goods.

 The contest will be conducted by combining robotics technologies such as object recognition, attitude control and grasp planning, and robots will be scored by the number of goods which they successfully took out and stored within a certain period of time.

 We expect the success of the team of Tottori University and the engineers from TOSHIBA who aims for construction of a new system with industry-academia collaboration by fusing university-originated innovative research results and production technologies and know-hows which the company has, and further automation in the logistics and distribution industry.


Commemoration ceremony and celebration party held on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Affiliated Kindergarten

Congratulatory address of President Teshima

 Affiliated Kindergarten, Tottori University is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. On 17th June 2017, a commemoration ceremony and a celebration party were held.

 In the ceremony held in the kindergarten’s playroom, about 80 people participated in the ceremony including President Ryota Teshima, Mr. Hitoshi Yamamoto; Superintendent, Tottori Prefecture Board of Education, university officials, former senior officials, former staff members, and children.

 The Affiliated Kindergarten was opened as a kindergarten in affiliation with the Faculty of Education, Tottori University on 19 June 1967. At that time, one classroom in the elementary school affiliated to the Faculty of Education, Tottori University (Shotoku-cho, Tottori City) was rented as a nursery room, and in March 1970, the present building was newly constructed in its present location in Koyama-cho, Tottori City and the kindergarten was relocated here. After that, expansion and renovation work has been undertaken many times till date.

 The 3rd year and 2nd year kindergarten children who attended the commemorative ceremony sung “celebratory songs” in a lively voice and they celebrated the 50th anniversary of the kindergarten.

 At the celebration party held from the afternoon, opening remarks of Prof. Hitoshi Shionoya; Principal of Affiliated Kindergarten were followed by congratulatory addresses of Mr. Takashi Imajima; Chairman of the 50th Anniversary Executive Committee, Prof. Yoshiharu Matsumi; Trustee of Tottori University, and Mr. Yasuhiko Morita; Deputy Superintendent, Tottori Prefecture Board of Education. While watching old and nostalgic footage, they decorated the memories of the past 50 years.

 Affiliated Kindergarten will take a new step towards the future backed by a lot of warmth and strong encouragement received from all. From now on, apart from building on the good tradition, we will enrich and develop early childhood education and make efforts to become a "fun-filled kindergarten" for children.

Congratulatory address by Mr. Yamamoto; Superintendent, Tottori Board of Education