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Students’ Team of the Faculty of Engineering Wins Overall Victory at Japan Steel Bridge Competition

Team member

 Tottori University's team won the overall victory at Japan Steel Bridge Competition 2017 (JSBC) held at Gifu University from August 31st to September 1st, 2017. It is the third victory following 2014 and 2015.

 By participating in JSBC, students themselves design, construct and anchor bridges, experience the real pleasure of manufacturing, acquire a lot of knowledge including the know-how of design and construction, cultivate human relations and learn how to solve problems. Twenty-one teams in total from eighteen universities and one technical college participated in this eighth competition, which consisted of Category "Structure" where they compete for load bearing, Category “Construction" where the speed of construction is compared and Category “Appearance” where the balance and proportion of the bridges are assessed.

 The Tottori University team consisting of three juniors, three seniors and two graduate students from the faculty of engineering have been working on structure calculation, the configuration of the bridge, the design and drafting of the details. They then worked in the training facilities in the university on the processing and production of bridge members and the construction rehearsal, which led to the victory.

 In the past, Tottori University won two consecutive victories with an arch bridge, but in 2013 and 2016 they were defeated, featuring a truss bridge. They designed and created a bridge under the three concepts "light, fast, strong", and this year again participated with a truss bridge, won the first place in the Category Structure, the second place in the Category Construction and won the overall championship, returning to the top of Japan.

Award certificate

The Deputy Chairperson and another member in the National Water Research Center (NWRC), Egypt paid a courtesy visit to President Teshima, starting a JICA group training course.

Commemorative Photo

 On 31 July 2017, Dr. Maha Tawfik, Deputy Chairperson in the NWRC, Egypt and Dr. Mohamed Rami Mahmoud Ghali, Professor in NWRC-HQ, paid a courtesy visit to President Teshima.

 Concluding the Agreements on Academic Exchange in 2005, NWRC and our university have been advancing the exchanges of researchers and students as well as the promotion of collaborative researches. Establishing the only overseas education and research hub office in Africa in June 2007, NWRC and our university have just renewed the agreement on the establishment of the office for the second time. President Teshima delivered an address of welcome by stating, “Taking advantage of this opportunity of the visit, I would very much like Dr. Tawfik and Dr. Mohamed Rami to deepen their understanding of the researches and education being conducted in Tottori University, which will lead to more active exchanges going forward including the advancement of collaborative researches and the mutual dispatch of researches and students.” Dr. Tawfik replied, “NWRC is very much prepared to continue the cooperative relations with Tottori University and would like to expand the playing fields for the researchers and students in every field regarding the water use.”


 Subsequently, the opening ceremony for JICA Group Training Course on “Appropriate Management of Land and Water Resources for Sustainable Agriculture in Arid & Semi-Arid Regions” 2017 was held which Dr. Tawfik and Dr. Mohamed Rami attended as guests.

 Having been implemented every year since 1989, the purpose of this training course is to improve the practical ability of trainees who are engineers and researchers engaging in the management of land and water resources of African and Middle Eastern countries in arid & semi-arid regions by providing trainings to them on the knowledge and skills necessary for the appropriate management of land and water resources for sustainable agricultural activities. Tottori University has been accepting 268 trainees from 55 countries in total by the last financial year. For this financial year, with the participation of 9 trainees in total from Iraq, Kenya, Niger, Palestine, Somalia and South Sudan, the domestic training is going to be given from July 24 to November 11 and, subsequently, the overseas supplementary training will be conducted at NWRC from November 12 to December 19.

 At the opening ceremony, following the address made by President Teshima, Ms. Yoshinari, Deputy Director General, Director of Training Program Division, JICA Chugoku International Center, encouraged the trainees by saying, “I would like you to make your stay in Japan meaningful with temporarily leaving your jobs at your home country behind and with a mindset of being an international student.” Dr. Tawfik who is responsible for the overseas supplementary training also addressed, “Please develop sustainable, friendly relationships with participants from various countries and obtain meaningful experiences and knowledge in order to build your careers. I am looking forward to seeing you in Egypt.”

Group Photo of JICA Group Training Course