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Gathering for International Students

Performance from overseas students

 A gathering for international students was held on 21st November on the Tottori Campus with 84 overseas students, 12 Japanese students and 30 faculty and staff members, making a total of 126 in attendance.

 This gathering was planned and held by the student executive committee made up of Japanese and overseas students to facilitate fun exchange between overseas students, faculty and staff members and Japanese students and it is an annual event. The organization on the day was also all conducted by the executive committee.

 After a speech from Mr Fujiyama, Director of the Center for International Affairs, Mr Takeda, the Vice Director, gave a toast to start the gathering off. The participants then had fun, chatting and eating together. The venue tables were loaded with food and overseas students were here and there in groups with Japanese students and faculty and staff members.

When the party had warmed up, overseas students gave performances. Students from Myanmar, Vietnam, Canada and China performed native songs and dances, etc. And at the end of all the performances, everyone joined in the Chicken Dance! Overseas students and faculty and staff members gathered in the centre of the venue, sang, danced and enjoyed themselves.

 The gathering ended as a great success having expanded the circle of exchange with Japanese students who support overseas students, guidance teachers and Japanese language partners.

Everyone doing the Chicken Dance!