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A freshman bonding breakfast meeting was held

President Teshima chatting with the freshmen

 On April 8, at Tottori Campus, a “freshman bonding breakfast meeting” was held.

 This breakfast meeting is held every year to give freshmen, who have started school life in a new environment, the opportunity to make friends and to cultivate a wholesome breakfast habit.

 On the first day at Tottori Campus, 270 freshmen gathered together around the tables of the dining hall, along with faculty members and senior students, and had an enjoyable breakfast. As time passed, the conversations became livelier, and glimpses of the freshmen proactively asking questions to the teachers could be seen here and there. In addition, there was a live performance by students belonging to the philharmonic orchestra, which made the mood of the venue more amicable and relaxed.

 The breakfast meeting will be held at Tottori Campus from April 8 to 14 (excluding Saturdays and Sundays), and at Yonago Campus from April 7 to 9.

Enjoying a delicious breakfast and pleasant conversation