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Started offering Halal meals for Muslim students

Muslim students enjoy chicken curry.

 Tottori University in its cafeterias has started to offer dishes that use only ingredients allowed under Islamic law for students from Muslim countries since the 9th November 2015.

 Unfortunately, they could not eat as well as the Japanese students do because of religious reasons. The university co-op, which operates the cafeteria at Tottori Campus, to start talks with foreign students about expanding the menu in spring this year. As a result of the discussions, the co-op decided to offer curry exclusively for Muslim students. It also decided to separate cooking utensils for the new curry from those for other dishes and prepare it in a different part of the kitchen so that the odor from other meals would not be absorbed into it.

 Ten Muslim students visited the cafeteria on the day and were pleased with the new menu; chicken curry, saying that they can eat the dish with confidence. They have expressed their desire to enjoy meals as other students.

 Curry dish using seafood has also started to offer since the 30th November 2015. We would like to add new menus such as “Gyu-don; beef-on-rice dish” and “Ramen” as requested by Muslim students in the near future.

Chicken curry (M size / 324 JPY with tax)