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"TORIRIN" is now available on LINE sticker!

I love Tottori.

LINE sticker of “TORIRIN”, the official mascot character of Tottori University was launched for sale on LINE creators market starting from 19 December 2016.

 Since many students have been asking for the “LINE sticker of TORIRIN”!! ‘TORIRIN LINE Sticker Project’ was launched in May 2016. Members of this project are Tottori University’s student PR staff members and the students who applied for this project. Project members got together during their lunch break for discussion and they exchanged their opinion in LINE group talk. In this manner, they had several rounds of discussion about what kind of stickers they wanted. Moreover, out of total 40 types, design images of about half of the stickers were prepared by the students, and on the basis of that, the creative designer of “TORIRIN” created the design of the picture for sticker.

 This resulted in cute stickers expressing emotions and feelings such as stickers that anyone can easily use in their daily life and stickers that are special to students.

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