TEDREC : Tottori University Electronic Display Research Center
Affiliated Facilities for Education and Research

   The Tottori University Electronic Display Research Center (TEDREC) was founded in April 2008 through contributions from several companies located in Tottori Prefecture. At this center, research activities are performed with the following aims.
(1) Forming a research base of electronic displays including liquid crystal displays (LCDs).
(2) Training "Next Generation Professionals" -Doctors of Engineering with advanced skills.
(3) Contributing to the society through practical use of our basic research and industrial revitalization, specializing in electronic device and information technology.

   This Center is involved in a great variety of research activities such as basic materials, device development, magnetism and memory, medical electronic information, IT development, industrial revitalization and management.

   We have achieved success in various fields with patents and theses from this center. It also has an important role as a training institute for Doctoral course students with a dozen of trainees at present.