Chromosome Engineering Research Center

Chromosome Engineering Research Center

The Chromosome Engineering Research Center was established in April 2009. Our facility is located at the Yonago Campus. Our mission consists of education and research in the field of chromosome engineering technology which will be applicable to drug discovery and development, incliding safety assays, with particular attention to regenerative medicine. The useful research products (model animals, tissues, and cell) developed here will be provided to other research groups and companies around the world for their validation and for the promotion of scientific understanding. The accumulated knowledge acquired through our research will be directly utilized for educational purpose as well.

Division Purpose of Establishment
Division of Technology Development for Genome Editing and Chromosome Engineering
Acceleration of the development of chromosome engineering technology by introducing genome editing technology to other three research divisions.
Division of Research for Life Phenomena Education for life science researchers though research focused on chromosome structure and mechanisms of gene regulation.

Division of Chromosome Engineering and Therapeutics

Translational research and education focused on the gene and cell therapy using somatic stem cells and iPS cells.

Division of Humanized Model Animal Development

Development of humanized model mice and its application for the safety and function assay of drugs and foods, and the education of venture mind.