Education and Research Purposes of the Faculty of Engineering

   The main objectives of the faculty of engineering are to contribute to the welfare of people and development of the society by conducting academic research and imparting education in the field of engineering, developing technologies required by the society, and developing human resources that can take full advantage of these technologies. The following are the educational research objectives of each department.

Department of Mechanical and Physical Engineering

    In addition to imparting education in the fields of mechanical engineering and physical engineering, involving the cutting-edge manufacturing processes that support the society, the department conducts research that can also be applied to the fields of aerospace engineering and robotics as the diverse applied subjects. It aims to develop human resources equipped with the skills of essential technologies of mechanical engineering and skills of mathematics and physics pertaining to physical principles involved in the cutting-edge technologies of manufacturing. 

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

   The department deals with both electrical and electronics engineering as well as information engineering that supports advanced information needs of society. In addition to conducting educational research on basic knowledge and technology, encompassing hardware and software technologies, the department aims to nurture human resources that can apply these technologies and contribute to the extensive development of the diversified information technologies for meeting the needs of society.

 Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology

   The department aims to develop human resources, equipped with the extensive knowledge base of chemistry and life sciences, that can conduct basic research on a wide range of subjects of chemistry and life sciences, from atom and molecule to high-order biological objects, and that can apply this knowledge for creating materials and products that can contribute to solving industrial and environmental problems associated with chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and energy industries.

Department of Social Systems and Civil Engineering 

 The department aims at creating human resources that can conduct basic research on designing, construction and management of social infrastructure required for building a safe, secured, and sustainable society in harmony with the nature.