Tottori University landscape photography

Photography Contest for the 70th Anniversary of Tottori University


 Tottori University was established in 1949, and next year (2019) is the 70th anniversary of its foundation. Students Public Relations Section intends to hold a Photography Contest for designing an original calendar for this anniversary. We strongly hope many current students and alumni apply for this photo contest as part of your fond memories of your days at Tottori University.


Theme: Rediscovery of Tottori University – Conveying a single shot to you –


Application Period:

  1st term: 20th February to 30th April 2018

  2nd term: 1st May to 31st August 2018

  3rd term: 1st September to 31st December 2018


How to Apply:


Please send photo(s) as an attached file to “”, and describe your Name, Affiliation, Title, Shooting Location and Date in the body of the email.


File format should be JPEG and within 5MB. Only ZIP file can be acceptable if you use a compressed file. We will reply you as soon as we receive your email. Please resend files if you do not get any response from us within one week.

【SNS (Twitter & Instagram)】

You should follow the account of Students Public Relations Section (@gakuseikouhou) and post on each with hashtag “#toridaiphotocon” and “# title”.


Protected accounts cannot be applied. Please set your account to receive a direct message from the above mentioned account if you get the prize.


Please send printed material(s) with an arbitrary application form. Your Name, Affiliation, Mailing Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Title, Shooting Location and Date should be described. Any size can be applied. Delivery address is as follows;


  Public Relations Section, General Affairs Division, Tottori University

  4-101 Koyama-cho Minami, Tottori-City Tottori 680-8550 JAPAN


We might request you to provide the original data when you get the prize. Your submitted photo will not be returned to you in principle. If you would like it returned it, please enclose a return coupon.


Qualification Requirement:

Anyone can apply.



Pre-paid card for purchasing books (5,000JPY)



・Photos which were taken before the contest are acceptable. We do not mind when photos was taken. 5 years, 10 years, 30 years back….any moment is okay.

・Our only request is that the photograph would have been taken inside campuses of Tottori University.

・Black/White is also acceptable.

・You can use a smart phone for applying for this contest.

・Affiliation should describe details such as 3rd grade of Faculty of Agriculture, Parent of current student in Faculty of Engineering, Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 19XX, Citizen in Tottori City, and so on.



Screening Committee will select four photos in each month, and hold a plebiscite later.


Announcement of Winner:

We will contact each winner individually. Winning the prize might be cancelled if you do not reply us by expiry date.



All winning photos will be exhibited in Tottori University and also appear on our official web site.



・Copy right shall belong to applicants.

・In case the photo subject is a person(s), you have to get prior permission from each of them.

・Do not infringe on someone’s copyrights and portrait rights.

・Photographic montage and Photo collages cannot be applied.

・There is a possibility to crop, to have color compensation, and/or to rework the original data.

・Tottori University has ‘Organizer rights’ to use all applications for our public relations activities. In addition, we also have rights to use the photos for anything which Tottori University has given an approval.

・Photo will not return you in principle.

・If you have any trouble about your work with a third party, applicants should solve it at own risk. Tottori University assumes no responsibility.



Public Relations Section, General Affairs Division, Tottori University

TEL: +81-857-31-5550

Email: ge-kouhou★


The Annual Party for International Students was held.

K-pop dance performed by Korean students

 On 8th December 2017, the Annual Party for International Students hosted by the President was held at Tottori University main campus. This party is held annually to have enjoyable time with international students, faculty members and Japanese students who support international students. In total, about 150 participants including international students from 20 countries and their families joined this year.

 The party started with the opening address by the President Ryota Teshima and a toast by the International Exchange Trustee Hiromitsu Nakajima. After enjoying pleasant chatting and eating Japanese dishes such as sushi, oden and others, international students and student group “G-Frenz (global friends)” presented various performances and quiz games. Moreover international students from China sang “Kitaguni-no-Haru” by Sen Masao both in Japanese and Chinese, while students from Korea presented a dance performance of the Korean artist group “BIGBANG”.

 In addition, all participants enjoyed Japan and Tottori University trivia games. Hogaku-tomo-no-kai (Japanese music) performance group which specifically plays traditional Japanese musical instruments such as ‘ koto’ and ‘shamisen’ played traditional Japanese music, while international students who joined the annual Shanshan Umbrella Dance Festival last summer and new international students danced with umbrellas as done during the Shanshan Festival. At the end of the party, Prof. Kumi Yasunobu, Director of the Center for International Affairs gave the closing address, and the party ended successfully.

Enjoy chatting