Student Discount Certificate for Japan Railways (JR) (がくわり)

The purpose of a student discount for public transportation is for helping student’s financial burden and promoting school education.

You can use a student discount certificate when you need to travel by JR (includes JR ferry) and due to following purposes.

  1. Returning home for vacation or any reason
  2. Experiment or practice for regular subject activity of education
  3. Special activity of education permitted by university or physical education and cultural activity
  4. Job hunting or entrance exam
  5. Taking part in an event or a tour permitted by university
  6. Going to hospital or solving obstacle of study

A student discount for Japan Railways is generally for regular students (undergraduates, graduate students, doctoral students). Non-regular students (research students, auditors) are not eligible to get this certificate.

The certificate is available by an automatic certificate machine on campus. (The machine is located in Education support division of Student affairs department.)

You can use this certificate when you go on the trip over 100km one-way and the fare will be 20% less than the regular fare.

When you purchase the discounted student ticket at JR reception desk, you will be requested to submit the student discount certificate and show your student ID card.



Student must use this certificate in person.

If someone uses this certificate unfairly, Tottori University will not be able to issue this certificate anymore.



Group trip discount certificate

When your group members are more than 8 students and travel for extracurricular activities or seminar with your instructor, you will get a 50% discount. ( The instructor can get a 30% discount.) However you have to travel with same members during the whole schedule.

This certificate is issued at Student support division of Student affairs department.