Education and Research Purposes of the Faculty of Agriculture

  In the effort toward the “Fusion of Knowledge and Practice”, the Department conducts education and research concerning food, life, environment and veterinary medicine and aims to develop human resources who have rich humanity, a broad international perspective and a high level of creativity, and who can contribute to the survival and welfare of mankind and animals. The education and research purposes of each department are as follows:

Department of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Sciences

  The Department conducts education and research concerning the production, distribution and consumption of safe food, the elucidation and use of life phenomena and the conservation, management and use of the environment. It aims to develop human resources that have the agricultural expertise and skills indispensable for the survival of mankind and the broader view and creativity required to contribute to regional and international society.

Joint Department of Veterinary Medicine

  In addition to conducting educational research related to maintaining health of animals, identifying pathological conditions and developing treatment methods, livestock infectious diseases and zoonotic infection, and providing safe livestock products, nurture human resources who can address diverse and sophisticated requirements from veterinary science and who are equipped with required practical ability to take actions and international commonality required for discharging the duties of a veterinary surgeon.