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Orientation was Held for New International Students

Participants of the orientation

 On 7 April 2018, the Center for International Affairs, Tottori University held an orientation for new international students, in which a total of 41 persons participated. The orientation is held in the spring and autumn, and this year the contents were revised as we moved the main venue to the Tottori Campus and fire drills, which were previously only carried out in autumn, were also conducted.

 International students that gathered at the Tottori University International House, which is a residential dormitory for foreign exchange students and researchers, participated in fire evacuation training followed by fire extinguishing and reporting drills under the guidance of the Koyama Fire Department. Thereafter, we moved to the university hall in the Tottori Campus and received explanations from the staff of the International Exchange Division and G-frenz (Global Friends which is support organization for students overseas) on "How to separate and dispose garbage" and learned through practical experience about how to separate garbage.

 The session continued with a traffic safety training course presented by the Tottori Police Station, where we learned the specifics of Japanese traffic rules and driving manners etc. With regards to riding bicycles that are used with the highest frequency, with the use of a simulator we experienced actual on-road bicycle riding conditions, and when unexpectedly difficult riding situations where displayed on the screen, the venue was immersed with laughter.

 In the afternoon, after receiving a welcome and words of encouragement from Professor Kumi Yasunobu, Director, Center for International Affairs, we learned about the Japanese language and rules upon living in Japan. After that, we were divided into three language groups (English, Chinese, Korean), and received information necessary for living in Tottori and explanations on residency status.

 Finally, we moved to the Tottori City International Exchange Plaza where the organization was introduced and explanations were provided by the staff about the exchange project sponsored by the Plaza, bringing an end to the one-day orientation.

Fire extinguishing

Gateway Japan Study Tour

Self-introduction of participant

 On 3rd April 2018, the opening ceremony of the Gateway Japan Study Tour was held at Tottori University for the fifth time. Nine students from the University of Adelaide, Australia attend this program, and the participants will visit not only the Tottori University but also the prefectural government, Hino-cho, Mizuki Shigeru Road, San’in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark, Shimane Nuclear Power Station, and so on. This program is being held for eight days until 11th April 2018, and participants will learn Japanese traditional culture, existence of sustainable society, and so on.

 Prof. Kumi Yasunobu, Vice-President (Promotion of International Exchange) and the Director of Center for International Exchange gave a welcome address. After that, participants and members of G-frenz (Global Friends which is support organization for students overseas) introduced themselves.

 We strongly hope that they will have a very good time and learn more knowledge of Japan and Tottori during their stay in Tottori.

Welcome address by Prof. Kumi Yasunobu