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The Annual Party for International Students was held.

K-pop dance performed by Korean students

 On 8th December 2017, the Annual Party for International Students hosted by the President was held at Tottori University main campus. This party is held annually to have enjoyable time with international students, faculty members and Japanese students who support international students. In total, about 150 participants including international students from 20 countries and their families joined this year.

 The party started with the opening address by the President Ryota Teshima and a toast by the International Exchange Trustee Hiromitsu Nakajima. After enjoying pleasant chatting and eating Japanese dishes such as sushi, oden and others, international students and student group “G-Frenz (global friends)” presented various performances and quiz games. Moreover international students from China sang “Kitaguni-no-Haru” by Sen Masao both in Japanese and Chinese, while students from Korea presented a dance performance of the Korean artist group “BIGBANG”.

 In addition, all participants enjoyed Japan and Tottori University trivia games. Hogaku-tomo-no-kai (Japanese music) performance group which specifically plays traditional Japanese musical instruments such as ‘ koto’ and ‘shamisen’ played traditional Japanese music, while international students who joined the annual Shanshan Umbrella Dance Festival last summer and new international students danced with umbrellas as done during the Shanshan Festival. At the end of the party, Prof. Kumi Yasunobu, Director of the Center for International Affairs gave the closing address, and the party ended successfully.

Enjoy chatting

Results of our Official Investigation into Research Misconduct at Tottori University

 Tottori University has identified several incidents of research misconduct in four papers published by a former Associate Professor at our university. We hereby announce the results of our official investigation.


 We deeply regret the occurrence of this misconduct and sincerely apologize to the people and organizations affected as well as to the Japanese public.


 In light of this incident, our University will make greater efforts to raise awareness of research ethics and ensure compliance to high ethical standards among faculty and staff, and take all necessary measures to prevent a recurrence of such acts in future.



Tottori University President



NOTE: Detail of the Results of Investigation can be seen from the following link.