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A certificate award ceremony of the Gogaku-kyoka course was held.


 Successful participants of this semester’s Gogaku-kyoka course received completion certificates from Prof. Yasunobu, Director of the Center for International Affairs, on Tuesday, 31st July 2018.

 The Gogaku-kyoka course is a supplemental language skill development course offered every semester at the Center for International Affairs with the objective of improving practical language skills of students before they participate in overseas study programs or maintaining their language skills after attending overseas programs. This semester, five English classes (advanced level, intermediate level I/II and beginner level I/II) and one Spanish class (elementary level) were offered twice a week from 14th May to 27th July. Most of the classes were taught by native language instructors and students were evaluated based on their attendance, class activity and performance on mid-term and final exams. 84 students who got passing marks were awarded certificates.

 After awarding the certificates, Prof. Yasunobu praised the awardees for making time out of their busy schedules to participate in this non-credit supplemental language course and successfully complete it and advised them to keep on improving their language skills by attending higher level classes in the next semester and beyond so as to achieve TOEIC score of 700 before graduation. Some of the awardees were asked to give their opinions about the classes they have attended and said “At the beginning, I had difficulty of understanding what the teacher said but got used as the class progressed”, “The class was a wonderful opportunity to practice listening and speaking English”; “I am not sure if my English skill has improved significantly, but I did enjoy the class”; “The Spanish class was interesting because we had two teachers and we were able to learn the difference in the language our teachers spoke”. Asked for any idea to further improve the gogaku-kyoka classes, one awardee suggested the use of pictures and video materials and incorporating the study of foreign cultures into the language classes.

 Most of the students who received completion certificates are taking part in one of the Global Gateway Programs of Tottori University this summer, including the Overseas Practical Education Program in Mexico and language training programs in Canada and Malaysia.


Tottori University Team Scored Well at Asia Steel Bridge Competition 2018

Tottori University Team

 At the Asia Steel Bridge Competition 2018 (ASBC), held at the Srinakharinwirot University in Bangkok, Thailand, on 29 and 30 May 2018, students of the Tottori University made their first entry.

 ASBC is a competition by students in designing, manufacturing and constructing bridges where they are expected to experience the true delight of making things and acquire various skills and knowledge of design and manufacture, thereby developing knowhow in building human relations and solving problems as well. It has a counterpart competition held in Japan. In ASBC’s eleventh competition this time, 15 university teams participated from 6 countries in Asia. Tottori University sent a team of 5; 3 undergraduate students representing the Department of Social Systems and Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, and 2 postgraduates representing the Department of Engineering, Graduate School of Sustainability Science. The team has tackled since February of this year structural calculations, determination of bridge configuration, detailed designs, and technical drawing. Later they actually engaged in processing and manufacturing bridge components and performing mock bridge installation at the plant on the campus working together as a united team for the competition.

 As a result of the competition, they were awarded the 2nd prize in the aesthetic section that judges the balancing and proportion of the bridge and the 4th prize in the presentation in English section, faring well against representatives from other Asian countries. While missing the overall victory, Mr. Shuhei Nishimoto, captain of the participating team, remarked that “After having won the overall championship in the Japan competition last year, we participated in this Asian competition to prove our skills. But we found a high wall of the world. Students overseas had much stronger contestant guts with hungry spirits toward the competition than we had. With that in mind, we will beef up our skills and efforts more than ever for the next competition”.