Tottori University landscape photography

We held beach cleanup activity with the university students from South Korea.


 From June 28th to July 6th, 2019, 14 students from South Korea, mainly from the Namseoul University, the school we have the academic exchange agreement with. We held "The 14th Marine Environment Discussion with Japanese and Korean Students Practice Program" (Host teacher: Associate Professor Kotaro Tagawa,Faculty of Agriculture).

 This time, we held activities such as understanding the current situation of the waif trash, beach cleanup, and the environmental seminar at the 300 kilometers long Sanin beach area including the beach of Miyazu city of Kyoto and Obama city of Fukui, in addition to the Tottori Sand Dunes beach, Kotoura Akasaki beach and Yonago Yumigahama beach.

  At Karo beach located close to the Tottori University, they collected microplastics, investigated and tried to understand the current pollution situation together with the students of Tottori University. At the beach close to the Tottori Sand Dunes, they did the beach cleanup with the volunteers from Tottori University students, Tottori city and the international exchange community. The attendees considered and discussed how the beach pollution issue due to the waif trash from their respective positions.


The vice-president of Inner Mongolia Normal University and others have made a courtesy call to President Nakajima.


 On May 14, five people from Inner Mongolia Normal University, an academic exchange partner university of ours, namely Vice-President Zhang Haifeng, Chairman of the International Exchange Center Zhou Quansheng, Chief of the Educational Affairs Center Han Wei, Vice-Chairman of International Exchange College Qu Yuan, and Lecturer at the School of Foreign Language Education Ma Yongqi, made a courtesy call President Nakajima to further advance future exchange between the two universities.

 President Nakajima remarked in greeting, "Our university has accepted more than 100 students as international students from Inner Mongolia Normal University since the conclusion of the academic exchange agreement in 1997, and they have been good stimuli to our students. I wish this visit would spur the exchange of researchers and would lead to activation of international education and research activities at both of our universities. Vice-President Zhang stated, "We would like to strengthen the friendly relationship between the two universities and put more effort into joint research projects by our researchers, and we would like you to visit Inner Mongolia too.

 They had a talk with Chairman of the Faculty of Regional Sciences Professor Yamane and inspected the Field Science Center of the Faculty of Agriculture and the Arid Land Research Center. They also had a talk with international students from Inner Mongolia Normal University. They deepened their knowledge about the efforts made by our university as well as student life here, and at the same time, they had a concrete talk about building a cooperative system for our future student exchange and research exchange.