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The Annual Party for International Students was held.


 On 5th December 2018, the Annual Party for International Students hosted by the President was held at Tottori University main campus. This party is organized by the executive committee, led by students, to congratulate international students for their hard work and to promote their interaction and friendship with faculty staff and Japanese students volunteering as International Student Supporters. This year, a student group promoting international exchanges, called G-Frenz (Global Friends), took the initiative once again, and Mayu Terada (2nd year in Agriculture), Nasa Kuno (2nd year in Agriculture), and Izzah (1st year in Engineering) took charge of the planning and organizing.

 In the opening speech, President Ryota Teshima encouraged international students to “study hard while you are in school.” After a toast by Prof. Kumi Yasunobu, Director of Center for International Affairs, the party fully unfolded. Over dishes like sushi, sandwiches, oden, etc., participants enjoyed relaxed conversations. Later, performances prepared by the international students and G-Frenz followed. In a slide presentation, activities international students took part in the year were introduced with photos, offering guests with a very good opportunity to know what kind of events the students are usually involved in. Performances included a Malaysian student (a G-Frenz member), who rendered a soulful singing & guitar performance of a song by a Japanese artist. The highlight of the latter half of the event included a fashion show, in which students from eight different countries walked the runway in their ethnic costumes.

 This party also featured photographs of works by international students who took part in the Flower Arrangement Course running since November 2018. Works of three students were selected by the guests’ vote, and Prof. Kumi Yasunobu, Director of Center for International Affairs presented awards to the winners.

 This party, attended by about 150 guests, successfully concluded after full of joys and excitements.


The JICA Group Training Course on "Appropriate Management of Land and Water Resources for Sustainable Agriculture in Arid & Semi-Arid Region, (B)”2018 paid a courtesy call on the President.


 On November 26, on opening The JICA Group Training Course on "Appropriate Management of Land and Water Resources for Sustainable Agriculture in Arid & Semi-Arid Region, (B)”2018, the trainees paid a courtesy call on the President of the University. This fiscal year, 7 trainees were welcomed from 6 countries; Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

 As part of international cooperation, the University has been offering the English course for this Training since 1989, and a Russian course has been added newly this fiscal year. This Training Course is intended to provide assistance in improving the knowledge and technology necessary for the appropriate management of land and water resources and to disperse such knowledge and technology as acquired in Japan in organizations and object regions in the trainees’ respective countries.

 The Training lasts for 10 days where the trainees will attend professional sessions conducted by lecturers belonging to the agricultural department of the University, the Arid Lands Research Center and the International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas. The trainees are also scheduled to have a field tour of the land improvement districts in the prefecture.

 The President of the University, in greeting the trainees, commented that “It is certainly a ‘fate’ for you with diverse backgrounds to gather here in the University for the training. We pray that you will learn many valuable things that may help your own country.”