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Demonstration experiments for a "Smart 2nd fertilizer application system"

Prof. Morimoto and a "Smart Fertilization System"

 On 25 July 2017, the laboratory of Assoc. Prof. MORIMOTO, Department of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, conducted demonstration experiments for a “Smart 2nd fertilizer application system”, following those for a smart rice transplanter. Equipped with technologies to allow users to accumulate expertise through operations that capitalize on IoT, this system will add a new page to paddy farming.

 Utilizing a tractor, this system immediately judges the growing conditions of rice plants by checking the leaf colors of rice plants using an infrared sensor. The system is designed so that fertilizers are discharged from ten holes on a cylinder extended sideways like a wing, and it identifies its location using GPS and sprays fertilizers on rows of rice plants that are 15 meter wide each at one time. Conventional fertilization work was time-consuming and required hard labor, and the burden of farmers was significant. The experiments on this day were conducted in paddy fields of about 1.7 ha and completed in about an hour.

 Aiming to commercialize the agricultural equipment installed with this smart fertilizer application system by the end of next year, we will engage in further experiments.

Demonstration Experiments