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Closing Ceremony of the JICA Group Training Course on “Appropriate Management of Land and Water Resources for Sustainable Agriculture in Arid & Semi-Arid Regions” 2017 was held.

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 On 10 November 2017, a closing ceremony was held for The JICA Group Training Course on “Appropriate Management of Land and Water Resources for Sustainable Agriculture in Arid & Semi-Arid Regions” 2017.

 Since 1989, the training course has been held annually for engineers and researcher involved in management of land and water resources in African and Mideast countries which belong to arid and semi-arid lands aiming at enhancing practical capability of trainees while providing trainings courses of knowledge and skills required for properly controlling lands and water resources in order to implement sustainable agriculture.

 Tottori University has accepted 268 trainees in total from 55 countries up until last year. With participation of nine trainees from Iraq, Kenya, Niger, Palestine, Somalia and South Sudan this year, the training course in Japan from July 31 to November 11 has been completed.

 In the closing ceremony, Prof. Nakajima (Trustee for Education and International Exchange) delivered a message after grant of certificate to trainees, saying “I would like to ask you to complete the action plan by further enhancing your knowledge through the overseas complementary training to be held later. I do hope you to serve as a bridge between your country and Japan establishing interactive networks and work on further actively.” Subsequently, Ms. Yoshinari, Deputy Director General, Director of Training Program Division, JICA Chugoku International Center provided encouragement to the trainees who successfully completed the training course in Tottori, delivering a message, “I believe you have learned and taken hints for resolving problems held by your country now through lectures at Tottori University, related irrigation facilities tour, and opinion exchange with other trainees during the three and half months. I expect you to contribute to sustainable agriculture in your country by emphasizing networks you have established in the training.”

 Finally, a representative of the trainees expressed gratitude to many staff members involved in the training curse for the fruitful training saying, “It’s nothing but a great result we have obtained during the three and half months. In addition, Japanese people’s tenderness and friendly atmosphere we felt is unforgettable and gave us a wonderful memory. We are looking forward to share what we have experienced here with colleagues at home,” and the closing ceremony was completed.

 Subsequently, the trainees participate in an overseas complementary training to be held from November 12 to December 19 at The National Water Research Center (NWRC), Egypt, which has concluded an academic exchange agreement with Tottori University, and work hard to obtain further practical capabilities.

Farewell Party