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NHK University Seminar “Comedic International Communication Capability” was held.

“Pack’n Mack’n”, a comedy duo

 On 21 November 2017, an NHK University Seminar was held at A20 large lecture hall in the University Education Building. Aiming at providing an opportunity to learn a clue for feeling English more familiar as well as pleasure of international cultural exchange by featuring “Pack’n Mack’n”, a comedy duo known for their appearance in NHK language program, as lecturers, about 200 persons including students and teaching staff listened to their lecture titled as “Comedic International Communication Capability.”

 Starting with creating pairs by participants sitting in front and back seats who were stranger with each other, they instructed them to make conversations about “three pieces of information about their own” and “countries they wanted to visit in the future”, and taught that basis of communication is to step into unknown field little by little.

 Then, they explained a clue how to improve communication capability while involving participants and promoting the atmosphere of the venue by their light talks. Further, they pointed out it important to communicate with others with a sense of fellowship according to the person based on a concept that sense of value is different by countries across the world.

 At first, only a few people raised their hands responding to a question, “Can you speak English?”, participants were gradually inspired by their explanations such as “Global language should be shared by everybody,” “Even if grammar and pronunciation was only correct by 50%, the others may understand what you say without any problem because international communication is based on conversation,” and “It is important to talk with confidence while forgetting perfectionism.” In the end, the seminar turned into a good opportunity for the students to feel familiar with English and change their mind how to consider international communication from now on, to the extent that all people in the whole lecture hall responded “Yes!” loudly to a question from Pack’n, “Can you speak English?”

Students enjoyed chatting with stranger.