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The 15th Japan-Korea Student Seminar on Environmental Issues was held.

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 The 15th Japan-Korea Student Seminar on Environmental Issues was held at the Faculty of Engineering on 22 November 2017. Kangwon National University, Korea and Tottori University have the agreement of academic exchange, and this seminar is held every year by Kangwon National University and the Environmental Planning Lab. of the Division of Social Systems and Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tottori University. With the mutual visits between both universities in Japan and Korea, students take initiative to plan and manage this seminar. We held the 15th seminar this year, which was organized by Tottori University. Professor Kim Bomchul and 10 postdoctoral fellows and students from Kangwon National University participated in it.

 After Prof. Yoshiko Hoshikawa of the Graduate Schoool of Engineering gave a welcome message saying “Let’s have good communication each other and enjoy discussion on research achievements today!” Prof. Kim Bomchul delivered a lecture and the students participating in it listened to it with keen interest.

 In the oral presentations that followed it, students of both universities presented their research achievements in English, and also shared questions and answers. Mr. Kim Segi, an international senior student from Kangwon National University, presented his graduation research in the seminar this time and said “I was nervous but I could presented my research well.” It was a precious opportunity for the students to make presentations in English, and both universities deepened the exchange between both universities through conducting research.

 We will further deepen our relationship in the future, and are planning to hold this seminar continuously as the opportunity for international exchange organized mainly by the students.

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