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70th Anniversary Sake “Toridai Kokiarata” Is Now Ready


 Founded in 1949, Tottori University celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2019. We have planned several projects under the concept of “To Embrace/Connect/Create the Time” as the commemorative initiatives of the 70th anniversary, one of which was to brew the anniversary sake. In this project, we grew “Goriki”, the breed of brewers’ rice we have preserved, with no pesticide/chemical fertilizer, and carefully brewed junmai-shu with the harvest. Reflecting the celebration of the 70th anniversary as well as the wish for the new leaps forward, the finished anniversary sake was named “Toridai Kokiarata”.

 Students who took part in the project and other parties involved gathered at the tasting event of this new sake on November 6th, and enjoyed the dry, clean, and palatable “Kokiarata”. It was scheduled for launch on November 7th, and student members expressed their hope to “have many people enjoy Kokiarata we have created.”