University Topics


To prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus infections, Tottori University take the countermeasures as attached below.

The countermeasure against the spread of infection.

◆Entrance Ceremony  


◆New Student Orientations

Following orientations are postponed to after April 8: Syllabus Orientation, Education Counseling, Admission Reception, Faculty Orientation.


The start of the classes for new semester will be postponed to April 22 from the original schedule (April 8).

◆Annual Medical Checkups

We will carry out medical checkups exclusively for students who need it for job hunting (4th grade undergraduate and graduate students), for extend practices, and for international students. Further information will be announced at a later date.

◆Other Events

We will announce information about the other events as soon as possible while checking the future situation.

◆Health Care for Students and Staff

All the members and students of University must take care of your own health condition as written in below. If applicable to the following condition, students must inform their faculty staff and the university’s staff must inform their department about it.

(4)If you have a fever or cold-like symptoms (cough or sore throat), take absent from school or work and stay home and seek medical care. Record the body temperature every day during that time.

(5)Consult at “Consultation desk for fever” as soon as you get the following symptoms.

・If you have a heavy washed-out feeling or breathing difficulty.

(6)Consult at “Consultation desk for fever” if applicable to the followings no matter if you have symptoms or not.

・If you have touched or engaged in someone who was positive with coronavirus.

・If you have nursed a patient suspected of having the infection without any protection.

・Touched, engaged in, or involved in the treatment of secretions, body fluids, or other contaminants of persons suspected of having the infection.

◆Travel to Overseas

All international travel is not permitted for the time being.

◆Any member or student of university returning from overseas

・All member and students of university traveling from or through countries with a Warning Level more than 2 travel should postpone their visits to campus or outside and rest at home for two weeks. Check body temperature everyday (morning and evening), wash your hands often, and wear mask.

・No matter what the warning levels are, anyone who return from overseas should check the body temperature everyday (morning and evening), wash your hands often, and wear mask. If you feel sick, postpone from going to school or work and consult a medical facility.

・If you get sick with symptoms of cough or a fever, avoid touching others and first report the nearby “consultation desk” by phone and go to the medical facility as indicated.

◆Travel within Japan

We strongly discourage your domestic travel since there are risks of coronavirus spread. Take into account the necessity and avoid the non-essential domestic travel.


2.For Maintaining University Function

Structure and System to Response

The Infectious Disease Task Force set up at the University will formulate basic university’s countermeasures for coronavirus infection and inform them to each faculty.


Response to Related Organizations

If an infected case was found, we will investigate as close a contact as possible and indicate students and our staff to avoid unnecessary and urgent outings, take proper health care, and take measures to prevent the spread of infection.


Sharing Proper Information 

We will promptly communicate to students and the staff on the University's website and by e-mail about the government and prefectural governments' policies and precautions concerning coronavirus infection.