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Update on classes provided in Tottori campus

To Students of Tottori Campus

                                                       As you already know, we have notified students about two weeks postponement (start on April 22) of the start of the classes for new semester. However, as the first confirmed case of coronavirus was found in Tottori, we made decision to provide remote (or online) classes instead of in-person classes through the end of first quarter. We apologize for the late notice just before the start of the class. However, we hope all the students understand that the Tottori University’s top priority is to protect the safety of students.


1.Remote (online) classes will be provided during the period of April 22 to June 24.

・Please make sure to apply your classes online via Academic Support System on time between April 17 to April 20, which is very important to notify you about the information on how to provide each class.

・You must apply your email address when you apply your classes via Academic Support System. Please make sure to apply your email address correctly.

                                                             ※ Please check the URL below to get more information on how to take remote (online) classes.

                                                        URL: (Japanese)

                                                      2. The Basic Education Subjects (complementary lessons by high school teachers) will be postponed until June 24.

                                                       3.All TOEIC-IP tests in first semester brought by Tottori University will be postponed for the time being.

                                                ※Please ask more details at the student office of your faculty.