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Request for your contribution to a fund 【emergency benefits to students】


Due to the current novel coronavirus pandemic, many people are suffering and having difficulties.

In Tottori University, many events like the graduation ceremony and entrance ceremony were cancelled or postponed, and all courses in the new academic term go online.

All teaching and administrative staff members feel a sharp regret and really sorry that students are now suffering great inconvenience in higher education.

Moreover, many students in Tottori University come from outside Tottori Prefecture and live alone away from their parents. Such students are now facing financial problems as their income from their part-time job was reduced or lost, and remittances from their parents are delayed, due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

We have pain in our heart when we hear that some students consider taking a leave of absence or dropping out of university for financial reasons in this situation.

Hence Tottori University has decided to provide 'emergency benefits' (30,000 yen per person), which is the university's unique financial support based on a fund, to students who are suffering from financial problems, in order to help them in some way.

However, the fund is limited, and it seems difficult to provide the benefits to all students who are suffering from financial problems.

We appreciate your further warm support to save as many students as possible.

                                  President Hiromitsu Nakajima                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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