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Opening Ceremony of the academic year 2020's Tottori University Intensive Japanese Language Program and Japanese Studies Program


 In October 15, the Center for International Affairs of Tottori University held the opening ceremony for Intensive Japanese Language Program and Japanese Studies Program.

 These two courses are part of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) government-sponsored programs for international students. We are offering "Intensive Japanese Language Program" for students to focus on Japanese language education before starting their research activities mainly at graduate schools, and "Japanese Studies Program" for students to improve their understanding of Japanese culture and society. On this term, international students from the United States and Vietnam will join the program as a "Yobikyouikusei(in Japanese)" and "Nikkensei(in Japanese)", respectively.

 Prof. Yasunobu, a Vice-President and Director of the Center for International Affairs, opened the ceremony with the following address: "Welcome to Tottori! I hope you will have a great time studying Japanese culture and people who are different from your own through your life experience in Tottori. Please make many friends, improve your communication skills, and finally, fall in love with Tottori University and Tottori.” Then Prof. Yamane, Dean of Faculty of Regional Sciences, gave the following encouragement, " Congratulations on your enrollment. Thanks to the efforts of everyone involved, we were able to start the program almost on schedule. I hope that you will be able to interact with Japanese people and learn things that you would not know in your own country. Please enjoy experiencing as many things as possible and expand your knowledge to broaden your horizons."

 Two trainee students then expressed their ambitions. "I recognized the people in Tottori are very supportive. I will study Japanese language very hard to learn about the history and myths of Japan and Korea" (Yobikyouikusei). "I would like to study hard in order to learn deeply about Tottori and its culture" (Nikkensei).

 After the introduction of each of the supervisors, we had a pleasant chat, group photo shoot, and finally we closed the ceremony.