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Tottori University Grand Design

Education Grand Design

Under the basic philosophy of "Fusion of Knowledge and Practice", by imparting education with its roots in modern synergetic use and personnel capabilities required by the era, Tottori University strives to develop learned and accomplished human resources who could become the core of the society and who aspire solve the problems and issues faced by the local society and understand international society. Following are the "Modern accomplishments" listed by the university.

  1. Extensive knowledge of culture, society, and nature
  2. Understanding of a specific specialized field
  3. Identifying problems in a logical manner and problem solving capabilities
  4. Thinking power full of creativity

Following are the "Personnel capabilities" mentioned by the university.

  1. Ability to get things done based on autonomous decision-making
  2. Ability to cooperative under diverse environment
  3. High ethical values and social characteristic as a citizen

Research Grand Design

Under the basic philosophy of "Fusion of Knowledge and Practice", in the research field that extends from local community to the entire world, in addition to fundamental research, Tottori University also conducts practical research for solving social issues. In addition to conducting responsible research activities, without limiting the insights obtained from such research activities to mere academic knowledge, Tottori University shares the insights with the society as intellectual resources.

  1. Respect diversity and interdisciplinary nature of research, and aim for comprehensive development of academics.
  2. Conduct research that meet the requirements of the community while having the global standpoint.
  3. Promote research that becomes strength and characteristics of the University, and aim to build a research base having international sense of existence.
  4. Nurture exceptional young researchers who would drive the next generation.
  5. Promote and support creation of new industries, and contribute to revitalization of local community.

Social Contribution Grand Design

Under the basic philosophy of "Fusion of Knowledge and Practice", in addition to promoting education and research as one team with the local community, Tottori University produces extensive research outcomes that would help the society, and Tottori University shares these with the local community as well as the international society. By using the resources of the University, the University contributes to revitalization of the local community and enhancing medical treatment in the local community.

  1. By developing human resources having practical skills, undertake local community developing in collaboration with local government and local residents.
  2. Promote effective industry-academic-local community collaboration as a one team with the local community.
  3. Aim to develop an open university where local residents, students, and faculty members conduct exchanges.
  4. Promote international exchange of students and faculty members, and develop tough global human resource equipped with practical skills. In addition, build the campus open to accepting and sharing diverse cultures and thereby contribute to globalization of the local community.
  5. Affiliated hospital shall have stable business foundation building through further streamlining of management, and as the core medical institution of the local community, it shall offer safe and high quality medical treatment. In addition, develop advanced medical professionals who will drive the future and promote research and development of cutting edge medical treatment.
  6. Affiliated schools shall work in tandem with the related institutions and conduct research related to education. They shall share the outcomes for educating the local community, and contribute to its development.