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Website of National University Corporation Tottori University

Website of National University Corporation Tottori University [] (hereinafter referred to as "Tottori University") is administered and operated by Public Relations Committee of Tottori University. Websites of faculties linked from the official website of the university and websites linked from the websites of faculties are operated at the responsibility of the respective site administrator.

Handling of Personal Information

Provisions for handling personal information in the website of the university are set forth in "Privacy Policy". The university appropriately manages the personal information according to this privacy policy, and it doesn't use the personal information outside the purpose approved by the owner of the information at the time of providing the information.


Tottori University retains all copyrights of this website. Acts that damage the interest of copyright owner set forth in the Copyright such as unauthorized copying, reproduction, public transmission, translation, and adaption are prohibited.

Linking to This Website

Basically, pages of this website may be linked to freely. It is not necessary to notify the university when publishing a link to this website. Depending on the contents of the website and the method of linking, the university may ask you to remove the link. Besides, the university shall not be responsible in any manner for the problems arising from linking to this website.


When the links given in this website are to external websites, Tottori University shall not assume any responsibility for the contents of such external websites. When accessing other websites, check the terms of use of the respective website.

Use of Cookies

The University Website uses a technology called cookie for tracking the status of use such as font size and color allocation change function. This doesn't collect any information that would identify the individual viewing the website.